Ballpoint pen flowers - Manuela Bianco
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Ballpoint pen flowers

About the artist

Manuela Bianco captures flowers that catch her eye and imagination with a blue ballpoint pen on recycled paper.

Her work is created by venturing out into the city looking for nature. Both unsightly weeds growing between the cracks of the pavement and spectacular flowers found at the florist round the corner form the inspiration for her drawings.

Using pen and white pencil on recycled paper, she creates compositions in which rich detail is combined with irregular casual shapes, revealing something new each time.


Nature’s intricate patterns, unexpected shapes and the ever-changing play of light are Manuela’s main source of inspiration. In her work she wants to encourage the perception that beauty surrounds us, if only we take a moment to observe it in detail.

Ballpoint pens are her preferred medium because they are unassuming and not meant for drawing, much like the recycled paper she uses. Yet you can use such modest materials to magnify the beauty of nature.

What’s more a ballpoint pen allows for many nuances, but unlike graphite it cannot be erased. There is nowhere to hide when drawing with pen. Any flaws are embraced to magnify the beauty of nature

All artworks displayed at Beniràs – bar & kitchen are available for purchase. Prices are listed below alongside each artwork.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information or buy directly online. You will then be able to pickup the artwork at the end of the exhibition.

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