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Online and face-to-face drawing classes

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I teach both online (using Zoom) and face-to-face (in my atelier in the Hague, NL).

Right now I only offer classes for returning participants or new participants who already have some drawing experience.

LIVE online classes

Every month we focus on a specific theme (birds, flowers) or technique (pencil and ink, fineliner and coloured pencil, etc).

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Face-to-face classes

Every month we discuss your goals and needs and wishes and you work on a personal project in a small group.

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  • You love nature and you’d love to draw plants, birds or other beautiful nature objects every week
  • You used to draw a lot and you now need a little help to take it up again
  • You want to refresh or further refine the fundamentals of realistic drawing
  • You want to master different techniques and try out different materials
  • You want to develop your unique style of drawing
  • You want to connect with like-minded creatives


3x online classes of 2 hrs every month

Once a week on Tuesday evening at 19:30-21:30 hrs

The next classes will start in February 2022

60,- EUR


3x face-to-face classes of 2 hrs every month

Once a week on Thursday evening at 19:30-21:30 hrs

The next classes will start in February 2022

60,- EUR

The course assignments help you becoming technically better and at the same time stimulate your creativity. This makes it easier for you to form your own drawing signature.


Drawing nature for BEGINNERS

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I’m working hard on a self-paced online course so that every beginner has the chance to start learning anytime.

This course will provide you with the fundamentals of drawing. Once you have completed the evergreen course you will be able to join the monthly classes for returning participants.

Please read on if you want to find out more.


  • You have always wanted to learn to draw but you don’t know where to start
  • You love flowers, birds, shells, feathers and all the beautiful objects you find in nature, and would love to be able to draw them
  • You want to learn the fundamentals of realistic drawing
  • You look forward to trying out different drawing materials (pencil, different types of pens, ink)
  • You want to learn different techniques and discover which ones work for you


PART I: you learn the fundamentals of drawing and you work mainly with pencil.

You learn a useful way to look at objects in order to draw them accordingly to what you see.  Besides, you learn how to draw volume, and thus make your drawing look three dimensional, using different techniques. You work mainly with pencil.

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PART II: you focus on more advanced techniques and you use different pens (ballpoint, fineliner) and ink in addition to pencil.

We continue practicing different ways of sketching and rendering volume, but we will do it with new materials such as balpoint pen, fineliner and ink. In addition to new materials you try out new techniques and you experience which one suits you.

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PART III (optional): small-group feedback session via Zoom

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The live demonstrations will show you exactly how to complete an assignment, and you can choose for additional online feedback in a small group once you have completed the course. This way you can complete your drawing to your satisfaction.

This course is being developed!